Female Only Karate Class

A Martial Arts Program for Women; Taught Exclusively by Women

3 Fires is pleased to present a unique martial arts program specifically for females 13 and up.

When?  Thursdays 7:15PM - 8:30
Where?  129 Main St E
Cost? $40 / month
  • This program will focus on Tradtional Shotokan Karate 
  • This is not a sport focused program - it's aim is self improvement
  • The program is facillitated by  highly ranked women Black Belts (3rd degree and higher) who are certified in teaching women by the NWMAF
  • The program will include special personal defence modules for females
  • A great way to get in shape in a safe environment!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.us for more information or call 705-495-3635