The Junior Leadership Program


This program was conceived to help the young adults to develop their own “strategies for life” to cope with the conflicts they will meet in their life. The target age range is 11 to 15 when the people are morphing from being a child to an adult; a very confusing and challenging era.

Traditional martial arts (specifically Karate and Kung Fu) have long been associated with helping people develop self confidence and courage. However many non-martial artists are unaware of the training in kime (intense focus), fudoshin (not being distracted from the objective), mushin (no-mind i.e. not being stuck in a daydream), zanshin (being totally present and totally aware), shoshin (beginner’s mind i.e. never think you are a master) and humility.

By combining the traditional training techniques with the Junior Leadership training developed by the Scouts/Guides and the Rotary Club the 3 Fires Junior Leadership program will help the students develop some of the aforementioned “strategies of life”. The program consultants are, for the most part, professional educators who will help with the classroom management topics.

Once the junior leader completes the two year program they will “graduate” to the STORM (Special Team Of Role Models) whose main objective will be to help develop the Junior Leaders in class. The STORM have their own course that continues until the student reaches the age of 16.

Junior Leader Course Outcomes

Most of these outcomes form the course

outlines for the training of the Junior Leaders. Not mentioned but included is advanced martial arts training (stances and basic techniques) that the leaders will need to help with teaching the martial arts classes.

Tools for Developing:

  1. Listening Skills
  2. An understanding of Personal Learning Modes (Styles or preferences)
  3. Emotional Regulation (Anger etc.)
  4. Voice Control / Breathing
  5. Presentation skills
  6. Empathy/Kindness
  7. Generosity
  8. Classroom Management (Part 1)
  9. Introduction to Anti-bullying