Covid 19 Update

COVID Update April 2nd

Based on the Nipissing Heath Unit recommendations, 3 Fires will be closed for regular classes for the next couple of weeks.  The situation is fluid and we will be following the events and Nipissing Health Unit recommendations to plan when we will be open. 

April 2nd - six positive cases in Nipissing district...... so far.  Please follow the medical advice.

  • Wash your hands. This should be a no-brainer habit for everyone, however it was only 200 years ago when hand washing was frowned upon by the medical community as being unnecessary. At that time guidelines were put in place that the medical staff needed to wash their hands before working with a patient and before they left the room. Florence Nightinggale was one of the pioneers for handwashing in the 1st world war but it was not universally accepted until the 1980 when the CDC published the current guidelines for hand washing. This is not to say the medical community didn't wash their hands before surgery before then. That being said, everyone should habitually wash their hands during the day as a matter of course - especially after shaking someone's hand, after using the bathroom and before preparing meals. 

  • Keep a physical distance of 2 metres from other people
  • If you have a dry cough, take your temperature; if you have a temperature above your normal temperature with the cough, isolate yourself and contact Telehealth immediately.
  • If you need to shop for supplies, do it by yourself and don't touch anything unless you are actually going to buy it
  • Get exercise, preferably outside (if you have no symptoms). Fresh air will help your lungs and the UV from the sun will destroy any lingering virus from others......But still keep a safe distance from others.

We will get through this in the next few weeks.  Be patient and be vigilant. Keep the your same routine and keep busy. Use this website to review your training requirements. Andre, Karen, Lori and I are keeping a safe distance from each other while we update the videos, daily. Check them out.




Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook for updates.